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Over the years, I had lost the motivation to work out, as family and work became my top priorities.  As my daughter’s wedding was approaching, I decided to look for a personal trainer to help get me back on track.  I was so lucky to have found Andy Vassor, and I have been training with him for the past 3 years. Even when I became discouraged after suffering a hip injury, he pushed me beyond what I thought I could accomplish while at the same time being very cognizant of my body’s limitations. I’m so grateful that he has been able to help get me motivated again.  I am happy to be the active, fit grandmother that my grandchildren deserve.  

Connie Mackie

Over the past three years I have greatly benefited from with training with Andy Vassor.  I have trained with Andy in a variety of settings that include large group classes, small group classes, and one on one personal training.  Training with Andy in each of those setting proved to be highly beneficial physically and mentally.

When I first started training with Andy my wife and I were new to the gym.  We joined Andy's 7p.m. Cardio Inferno class (one that required early morning registry due its popularity) and he immediately made us feel welcome.  After a few months, due to changes at the gym, I began training one on one with Andy.  Andy and I set long term fitness goals and also goals for each session.  Andy remained positive (but tough)  during each session throughout the length of our one on one of my fitness plan.  For the past year,  due to additional changes at the gym, I have trained with Andy in a small group setting.  Andy designs each session for groups goals but always adjusts exercises to meet the individual needs of each group member.  Each session is designed for specific results, through cardio and working specific muscle groups.

It has been a true pleasure (and at times painful) to train with Andy.    He pushes you to be your best and maximize your training to achieve and surpass your fitness goals.

T. Casey Kelley

Southborough, MA

Before, I started team training with Andy I was skeptical of trainers. Personal trainers seemed expensive with no guarantee of results. I have always been an active person, but I have not always been satisfied with my fitness level. I started with Andy's ab class and my core strength started to improve within a few months. He really focused on helping participants complete the exercises with good form. After that positive experience  I began, Andy's team training, which changed my whole view point of a good trainer. In Andy's team training classes I learned how to complete exercises correctly as he pushed me to meet multiple fitness goals that I had never met before. For the first time, I was able to do pull-ups, run under a 9-minute mile, complete my first Spartan race, and tone several muscles on my body. I am confident that without his skill set, I would not have met these goals. Since working with Andy, I am no longer skeptical about a good personal trainer. The difference between Andy and other trainers is his ability to correct his clients' form, push his clients to reach fitness goals, and his attentiveness for each client. For all of these reasons, I plan to continue my fitness journey with Andy. 

Laura Braun

Westborough, MA

Over the course of my life, I have had the opportunity to work out at countless gyms and partner up with many personal trainers. I can say each one tried their own technique to help me lose weight and achieve the level of fitness I desired yet for some reason or another I never was really able to latch on and achieve my goals.This however changed 2 years ago when I met Andy Vassor and had the opportunity to work out under his guidance. I knew instantly that he was an exceptional trainer, but as I got to know him I really started to notice how he set himself apart from the rest of the pack. He is very knowledgeable in everything to do with fitness but what really made him stand out to me was his ability to keep me motivated and on track. He really knows what to say and when to say it and allows you to push through and persevere no matter how tough your workouts are.  Almost at once I started to notice changes and through Andy’s trainings I have noticed both weight loss and a sizeable increase in my core strength. He is also very skilled with nutrition and is always available to answer any personal health question I may have which made a huge difference for me. I have really valued my time with Andy and am very happy that after all this time I have finally found a trainer that is the complete package. I would recommend him to anyone no matter what level of fitness you are in as he is truly cares about you and wants you to succeed!

Stephen Lush
Westborough, MA

Andy, for as long as I have known you, you have encouraged and motivated me to reach my full potential. 

As my Personal Trainer, you have taught me the correct form when working out, so that I would not injure myself. 

You also encouraged me to participate in the Spartan Races. Even though at times, I did not think I could continue on, you motivated not only me but the whole team not to give up.

It is an honor and privilege to have you as my trainer and also to call you a friend.


David B.

Northborough, MA